Senior Living

As your parents get older, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that they will reach a point at which they can no longer care for themselves. Whether cognitive decline becomes severe or they’re physically unable to care for themselves, it will be up to you to plan their senior care. These tipsContinue reading “Senior Living”

Understanding Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is a problem that affects everyone of all ages. Little children forget to do their chores or homework, and that’s just a normal part of cognitive development. Even healthy, average adults will forget where they put something or why they walked into a room. These are all normal forgetful episodes that usually don’t haveContinue reading “Understanding Forgetfulness”

Long-Term Care Prices

With age comes wisdom, knowledge, joy, understanding and, unfortunately, a slew of health problems. While some people are able to age gracefully and maintain a high quality of life well into their golden years, the opposite is also true: some people are riddled with very serious health problems as their bodies and minds deteriorate. ThisContinue reading “Long-Term Care Prices”

Benefits of Home Monitoring in Elderly Care

Remote home monitoring is most often associated with keeping your home and family safe, but this technology has many benefits for elderly care. As telemedicine becomes the norm in today’s healthcare environment, clinicians are looking towards similar concepts, such as telemonitoring. Remote monitoring has been used for hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease, and other chronic conditionsContinue reading “Benefits of Home Monitoring in Elderly Care”


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